5 steps to quick-start your flow of funds with the Dizolve program

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1. Email your e-card to your supporters.

Your campaign page includes an e-card tool that sends emails to promote your project. Send an email to your database of supporters: your student’s parents, your subscribers, your past donors, your personal friends and family, and all of your contacts.

2. Include an appeal in your next publication.

Promote it in your bulletin home to parents, your next newsletter, etc. Here is a letter template to get you started.

3. Promote on social media.

Use the social sharing tools on your campaign webpage to promote your project on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and any other social media sites you use.

4. Print and distribute flyers.

Get the Dizolve Fundraising Flyer here. Email it to your supporters. Print copies and include them in regular mailings, send them home with students if you are a school, hand them out to your visitors if you have a clinic or other physical service outlet, and pass them out at every opportunity.

5. Engage your people.

If you have a population of fundraising participants (e.g. students), give them each a Dizolve product sample and share the 10 tips for selling 10 packages of Dizolve in 10 days. Read the FAQ page for more information.

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