Our Story

Group shot of Dizolve office staff

Located in Moncton, New Brunswick, Dizolve is a Canadian success story. It is the story of a biodegradable innovation that is changing how we clean.

We started by inventing and producing a dissolvable laundry sheet the size and weight of a small strip of paper. An envelope of these biodegradable strips cleans the same amount as a heavy jug of liquid detergent. Because Dizolve strips are lightweight they require far less energy to ship, are easy to handle and take up just a fraction of the space. We are continuously innovating, improving and expanding our environmentally responsible product line. Our latest innovation is a Dizolve strip that disinfects and safely cleans a variety of hard surfaces.

Picture of New Brunswick flag
Moncton, New Brunswick, City Centre, 2007

You can feel confident that Dizolve products have what you need to clean – and nothing else. They don’t contain harsh chemicals, excessive amounts of detergent, huge amounts of water and wasteful plastic packaging. They are biodegradable and hypoallergenic. They are free of phosphates, dioxane and bleach. They do not contain any animal-based products. We make sure our raw materials are from responsible sources and that quality is ensured in every step of the manufacturing and distribution process.

Dizolve Inside

We strongly believe in our products and the team of people who work every day to bring them to you. We treat our customers as we would treat ourselves. We value integrity and honesty. We bring these principles to life and fulfil our commitment to our valued customers, consumers and community.

This is what is behind the “Dizolve Inside” logo. Look for our logo on the package of your cleaning strips. You’ll know that it works, is made responsibly and ethically, and is the right choice for the environment.

“Dizolve Inside” guarantees you’re making a choice you can feel good about.