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When choosing a cleaning product, you need to trust that you’re getting what is promised.

Not only do you want assurance that the product works as advertised, you want to know your choice is the best option for the environment and is safe to use.

You want a cleaning product that is ethically and responsibly made by a company that values its customers, communities, employees and the environment.

This is what Dizolve is all about.

Dizolve is an innovative, biodegradable and convenient cleaning strip. It is used to make single dose dissolvable household cleaning products, for example our line of laundry detergent products and an environmentally-friendly disinfectant cleaner.

You can feel confident that Dizolve products have what you need to clean – and nothing else.

They don’t contain harsh chemicals, excessive amounts of detergent, huge amounts of water and wasteful plastic packaging. They are biodegradable and hypoallergenic. They are free of phosphates, dioxane and bleach. They do not contain any animal-based products. We make sure our raw materials are from responsible sources and that quality is ensured in every step of the manufacturing and distribution process.